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Following the original quarantine, I decided that it was time to start my skincare journey. Honestly, I knew nothing about anything skin care related so, of course, I started with my own research to figure out what I needed, or more what I thought I’d need. Finally, I came up with microneedling and was lucky enough to find @_skinnglow on instagram.

SkinnGlow by Kay is a beauty service offered for both men and women located in Laval; she offers a variety of facials, and will soon also offer waxing services!

The Great Communication

When I first booked my appointment, she took the time to reach out, ask me questions about my skin as well as my current skincare routine (which was nonexistent at the time lol). I appreciated that she made the effort to educate me and, based on the needs she assessed I’d have, recommended me a full skin care routine before I even had my first facial. Also, remember how I said I “needed” microneedling ? Well, although it would’ve been more expensive at the time, she advised me that I did not need that, I could achieve the wanted results (get rid of hyperpigmentation over my lips) with the products she recommended.  That being so, I got the deep cleansing facial and let me tell you … the results were undeniable. My dry skin probably never felt this hydrated, and as I kept up with the routine I saw my hyperpigmentation going down, and I haven’t had a dry spot since!

My Final Words on Skin Glow

All in all, it was a great experience; Kay is very professional and she takes the time to let you know what she’s doing, as well as its effects so that you get educated on your own skin and what you need while having a peaceful moment of self- care.

I can only recommend it!

A Video of my Experience

"All in all, I got a Great Experience, Kay is super professional and makes you feel like you're a Queen during the whole treatment, I'm definitely going to see her again and I suggest you to do the same"
Shirley D'Haiti
Website Owner

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