Review – Lit and Bougie


Quarantine Remedy

I’ve become obsessed with candles since quarantine started because I’ve been constantly looking for ways to make my space as cozy and comfortable as possible while being confined at home. Most of my candles are usually from Bath and Body Works, and they are pretty decent. When I came across “Lit and Bougies” , I was OVERJOYED with the idea of finding a black owned brand that selles my new current obsession: candles.

The Shopping Experience

Since the weather is now changing, I was on the hunt for fall scented candles and found just what I was looking for on their website. I usually smell my candles before buying them, to make sure I’d like how they smell while burning, and this was the first time I was making an online candle purchase. Using just the names to guess the scents, I took the risk and bought my cart filled with two candles: Autumn Scent and Vanilla Cinnamon. I’m a sucker for fast shipping and two days later, my order was right at my doorstep! 

The Unboxing

Just as I opened the box, I could smell the explosion of fall flavours. I was already satisfied and I could tell these hand made candles were of high quality. I lit Autumn Scent that same night and I was in heaven. The smell was not overwhelming but pleasantly strong. It really does live up to its name, as I truly felt the cozy feel of fall. The candle was a very slow burn, which is worth the price. Overall, I am incredibly pleased. I have yet to burn Vanilla Cinnamon, as I’m saving it for the right moment! I can’t wait to order more!

A Video of my Experience

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