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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get an Instagram post?

With the basic listing, you will get a post and a story within the first month of your listing. If you have a special event or promotion you’d like to promote, simply update the listing and we will post it within 48hrs.

If you do not have a listing but would like to promote an event, you must reach out to us by email here and we will reply and post within 48-72 hours.

Please make sure to include in a description of the event as well as pictures to be used in your email.

Do you accept collaborations?

We are always opened to collaborations! Simply reach out to us by email with the title “collaboration”.

Why do you charge?

As much as this is to support our community, we have invested a lot of time and funds into this project and as an advertising platform with a wide audience, business owners should see this as an investment towards their advertising. We provide ads on multiple platforms and give businesses a chance to be discovered by new potential customers.

You can find our prices here: Submit Your Listing

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