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This platform was created to showcase black entrepreneurs and the multitude of services they offer. Here, you will be able to easily support and discover your local entrepreneurs by using the search bar above to find new services and review the ones you have already supported. The administrators of the page, Shirley and Titi, will also be showing their personal support by reviewing the local services they have tried. Moreover, by signing up to our newsletter you can be informed of the monthly promotions and events the listed businesses will have. 


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About Our Community Podcast

Support a local black podcast that is for us by us, created by Titi, one of the page’s owners and her co-host Beck! This podcast was created as a safe space for our people to vent, learn, unlearn and deconstruct. Grab a drink or your notepad (or both) and enjoy listening to two black girls talking their sh*t while they read, analyze and vulgarize concepts of race. They are what the kids call: Wokeorwhateva! Ready to hop on the journey? Click here! 

Marketing + Website Design

You’re looking for the All-In-One Solution that brings in a High Quality & High Value at a Low Cost? You’re looking to build the next big thing like this platform or want to start your own business? There’s no problem, we got you. Social Influence Builder is the way to go for these purposes. Learn More on their Website by clicking here or Typing here company name in the Search Bar Above. Further more, if you’d like to know more about how the “S.I.B Method” can scale your eCommerce brand for Online Sales and reaching the next level, click here.

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Where it all started! Chances are, you’ve already seen us on your timeline promoting our local entrepreneurs. Now, for everyone’s benefit, we decided to expand our platform! Do not worry, we will keep our instagram alive with daily updates ranging from listed businesses, events to promotions. 

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